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Underground Service Locating





Electromagnetic Locating (EM) also known as Pipe & Cable Locating is used for the location of live conductive services, metallic pipes and or cables underground. This utility is ideal for the location of:




Gas & Fuel Line

Electromagnetic locating (EM) is the most frequently employed technique for accurately locating the position of underground utilities and services that are made up of or contain conductive materials i.e. copper &steel. Examples of these utilities are Water, Telecommunications, Electricity, Gas and Fuel lines. In order to locate these utilities using electromagnetic surveying techniques, a desired radio frequency is induced into the service or utility from a transmitter. The signal is carried by the conductor along its length and the desired radio frequency detected above ground using the receiver. Prior knowledge of the underground infrastructure is critical and cost effective way of ensuring accurate and successful outcomes for any project. Down Under Pipeline Surveys recognise the importance of damage prevention of utilities, and also the safety of the community, prior to excavation.

Electromagnetic Locating

Ground penetrating radar utilities GPR is one of the most advanced underground utility locating & mapping service tools in the location of conductive and non-conductive underground utilities and other subsurface anomalies. This utility is primarily used for locating non metallic utilities such as:

 Nylon Gas

 PVC Water Mains & Services

 Underground Storage Tanks

 Fuel Tanks

 Fibre Optic Cables

 Underground Structures

 Road and Pavement Inspections

 Detection of Voids & Cavities

 Sewer & Storm Water

By using accurate marks provided from a site visit with one of our highly trained utility locators & surveyors using either Ground Penetrating Radar GPR or Electromagnetic Locating together with our Non Destructive Excavation or Hydro Vacuum Excavation units to pothole and expose the underground utilities and services you can be rest assured that the job will be carried out in a safe manner with no risk of cutting into or taking out a major underground services.

Ground Penetrating Radar Utilities (GPR)

Push Rod Inspections:

To assist our clients in assessing and monitoring the conditions of any subsurface drainage systems such as sewer and storm water, Down Under Pipeline Surveys utilise the use of CCTV cameras. Our equipment is nothing short of the most advanced and effective products on the market. Our CCTV recording equipment enables us to provide detailed and accurate results for our clients. These results are then interpreted and displayed in comprehensive reports and presented to our client or end user.

Main Line Inspections with Tractor Camera:

Down Under Pipeline Surveys are also equipped to offer our clients main line inspections of drainage systems and wastewater networks from 150mm-2000mm. By using main line inspection closed circuit television (CCTV), our clients gain the advantage of being able to identify the smallest of imperfections in the largest of networks that may require repair or further inspection. With this in mind, our expert team at Down Under Pipeline Surveys are committed to assisting our clients in making more informed and accurate decisions in any projects at hand.    


At Down Under Pipeline Surveys, we pride ourselves on our capabilities in providing our clients with comprehensive and detailed reports that have been created by expert industry leaders. Down Under Pipeline Surveys use specialised software and equipment to assist in the interpretation and display of collected results in a user friendly report.


Down Under Pipeline Surveys are also equipment to offer High Pressure Water Jetting of pipes & drains. Our systems are able to jet from 120 litres per minute at 4000 psi up to 240 litres per minute at 2500 psi. This allows us to cut through the toughest of roots & debri blocking your pipes or drains.

High Pressure Water Jetting

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